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Baal's Engulfing Lightning | Spear 100 cm | Foam

Baal's Engulfing Lightning | Spear 100 cm | Foam

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Embark on a journey to the majestic islands of Inazuma with the Baal Spear, a magnificent replica from the captivating world of Genshin Impact. This splendid foam specimen, reaching a length of 100 cm, is a tribute to the weapon of the God of Thunder, designed for fans who wish to wield the power of Electro.

The spear dazzles with a beautiful, rich shade of purple, interwoven with golden accents running along its length, ending in a spiral flower on the handle. The center is adorned with a vivid, golden emblem, whose swirling pattern has captured the essence of Electro energy. The blade is a lighter shade of purple with elegant, winged patterns that seem to pulsate with an invisible current, emphasizing the ethereal origin of the weapon.

This lightweight yet durable foam replica is perfect for cosplay enthusiasts of all ages. It allows for safe and comfortable use during conventions, themed events, or even adventures in the backyard. Attention to detail in its construction ensures that it is not just a cosplay costume element but also a work of art, of which every Genshin Impact fan can be proud.

The Baal Spear is the perfect complement to any cosplay armor, an essential part of the collection, and an excellent gift for young fans dreaming of their own quests. It embodies the spirit of the game and the power of the characters who wield such majestic weapons.

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