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Beelzebul's Sword | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

Beelzebul's Sword | Foam | 100 cm | Genshin Impact

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Embark on an adventure through Teyvat with the meticulously crafted Beelzebul's Sword, a premium foam replica inspired by the popular game Genshin Impact. This exquisite piece stretches a full meter in length, allowing for an immersive role-playing experience. Designed with collectors and cosplay enthusiasts in mind, this sword is a true-to-life embodiment of the in-game model used by the mighty Electro Archon herself.

Each detail is reproduced with the utmost care, from the intricate patterns on the hilt to the striking magenta blade that fans will instantly recognize. The lightweight foam construction ensures safety and ease of handling, perfect for conventions, display, or play. Whether you're a seasoned traveler in the world of Genshin Impact or seeking a standout piece for your collection, this replica is a testament to your valor and passion for the extraordinary.

Product Features:

Authentic design from Genshin Impact

Size: 100 cm

Material: High-density foam for durability and safety

Lightweight for easy handling

Vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship

Ideal for cosplay, display, or as a collectible

Join the ranks of Teyvat's heroes with this emblematic Beelzebul's Sword and bring the spirit of adventure into your home!

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