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Sparks Of Sindri

Double - Sided Chaos Axe | Foam | 66 cm | Undead Necromancer

Double - Sided Chaos Axe | Foam | 66 cm | Undead Necromancer

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Embrace the Spookiness: Double-Sided Axe for the Ultimate Thrill!

Elevate your game with our enchantingly eerie Weapon Double Sided Axe! Perfectly weighted, expertly designed, and safe for children, this prop is the missing piece for your ghostly adventures, ensuring you're the talk of every haunted gathering.

Product Highlights:
Ghastly Aesthetics: Cloaked in an ominous shade of black, this double-sided axe exudes an aura of mystery and adventure. Ideal for those looking to stand out in their spooky attire.

Child-Friendly Design: Made from premium PU foam, our double-sided axe boasts the look of a fierce weapon, but is gentle to the touch, ensuring the safety of young warriors during their pretend battles.

Versatile Entertainment: This prop can be the star attraction at cosplay events, ghost festivals, theatrical performances, or just as a fascinating playtime accessory.

Product: Weapon Double Sided Axe
Material: High-quality PU foam
Dimensions: 65.5 * 25cm * 9cm - perfectly sized for those enthralling phantom escapades
Weight: A light 380g
Color: Mystical black
Packaging: Securely wrapped in an opp bag for ultimate protection

Suitable for All Ages: This prop is designed keeping kids in mind, but its impeccable detailing and lifelike appearance make it a crowd favorite across all age groups.


Introducing the Double Sided Axe - the key to unlocking a world of imagination, spookiness, and fun! Whether you're impersonating a ghostly warrior or simply seeking a trusty prop for your ghost festival dance, this axe, with its dual blades, promises double the excitement. Crafted using soft yet durable PU foam, it guarantees safety alongside realism. Its captivating black hue adds to its charm, ensuring you leave a lasting impression wherever you brandish it. Ready to channel your inner phantom? Grab this axe and delve into a world of supernatural wonder!

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