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Nine Men's Morris: Engraved Wooden Square Board Game

Nine Men's Morris: Engraved Wooden Square Board Game

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Dive into the rich tapestry of medieval history with our Nine Men's Morris board game! 🏰 This strategic game, often etched into ancient castle walls and cloisters, is now beautifully engraved on a square wooden board. Experience a fusion of classic gameplay and timeless artistry right in your hands. 🎲

Key Features:

1. Medieval Charm: Relive history with the square board design, echoing ancient Nine Men's Morris game boards. 🌌
2. Masterful Craftsmanship: Every board is handcrafted with precision from quality wood, ensuring both durability and elegance. 🪓🌳
3. Detailed Engravings: Discover the beauty of the middle ages with intricate board engravings. 🖋🎨
4. Complete Set: Ready to play out of the box with expertly crafted playing pieces. 🧩
5. Game Guide: New to the game? No worries! An easy-to-follow guide is included, detailing rules and strategies. 📜🧐
6. Compact & Portable: The square design means you can take a piece of history wherever you go. 🎒🚀
7. Gift Ready: Perfect for those who love board games, history, or simply unique handcrafted items. 🎁❤️


- Dimensions: 19 cm 📏
- Material: Ash 🌳
- Weight: 0.38 g ⚖️
- Playing Pieces: Crafted from clay, each with distinct markings for easy identification. 🪨

Step into a world of strategy and history that has entertained for over a thousand years. Challenge your friends, strategize your moves, and be a part of an enduring legacy with our Nine Men's Morris engraved square wooden board game. Game on! 🎉👑

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