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Thor's Hammer | 45 cm | Foam

Thor's Hammer | 45 cm | Foam

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Master the Power of the Gods with our Foam Thor's Hammer! ⚡

Get ready to unleash the might of the God of Thunder with our incredible foam Thor's Hammer, just like in the Avengers movies. The power of Asgard is now in your hands! 🔨✨

  • ⚡ Hero's Weapon: ⚡ This foam Thor's Hammer is not just a prop; it's a symbol of heroism and divine power. With its intricate design, it's as if Mjölnir itself has fallen into your hands.

  • 🌌 Unleash Your Inner Avenger: 🌌 Holding this foam hammer, imagine standing shoulder to shoulder with Earth's mightiest heroes. It's an invitation to become the hero you've always wanted to be.

  • Safe in Epic Battles: Created with safety in mind, this foam Thor's Hammer is perfect for fans of all ages, but especially recommended for children from 5 years old. Whether reenacting epic battles or just showing your love for the Avengers, it's a safe and impressive choice.

  • Collector's Trophy: For collectors, this foam Thor's Hammer is a valuable addition to your collection. Its design, accurately replicating the movie Mjölnir, and artisanal quality make it a unique piece among your memorabilia.

Product Description:

  • Product Type: Avengers Hero Weapon - Thor
  • Theme: Adventure
  • Material: Lightweight foam
  • Color: Brown, Silver
  • Age: Recommended from 5 years and up
  • License: Marvel
  • Dimensions: 45*22CM
  • Franchise: Avengers
  • Weight: 625 g

Perfect for young fans, this hammer is the ideal complement to a Thor costume. Excellent for role-playing games and creating unforgettable adventures!

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