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Sparks Of Sindri

Spear | Wood | Knight Medieval Viking

Spear | Wood | Knight Medieval Viking

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Unleash the spirit of ancient warriors with this meticulously crafted Wooden Spear of the Young Warrior. Created for the imaginative play of a growing defender, this spear is essential for any child dreaming of grand quests and brave battles. The metallic-colored spearhead beautifully contrasts with the warm, golden hue of the wooden shaft. At the base of the spearhead is a black grip, ensuring that small hands can hold the weapon easily and comfortably.

The design of the spear is not only aesthetically pleasing but also thoughtfully constructed to ensure safety during play. The wooden shaft is smoothed to prevent splinters, and the spearhead is blunted to avoid injuries. This combination of form and function makes it a wonderful gift for children fascinated by history, mythology, and the martial art of ancient civilizations.

Product Features:

Size: Suitable for young children. Material: Wood, with a safe, non-toxic paint finish. Design: Metallically painted spearhead with a golden shaft. Grip: Black, wrapped grip for a secure hold. Safe Play: Smoothed wood and a blunted spearhead for safe child use.

Elevate your child's playtime to an epic adventure with this Wooden Spear of the Young Warrior, a tool that fosters their creativity and love for history.

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