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Aurora's Emberbrand Foam Sword | Foam - LARP Cosplay Foam Medieval Knight

Aurora's Emberbrand Foam Sword | Foam - LARP Cosplay Foam Medieval Knight

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Step into a world of epic adventures with the Aurora's Emberbrand Foam Sword - the perfect addition to your fantasy and cosplay armory! This beautifully crafted weapon is designed with both safety and style in mind, making it ideal for live-action role-play, costume parties, or as a striking display piece in any gaming enthusiast’s collection.

Key Features:

Safe and Durable Material: Crafted from high-density foam, this sword offers a sturdy yet flexible form that ensures safety during play, reducing the chance of injury.

Authentic Design: The hilt features a classical golden cross-guard, with intricate patterns that evoke the craftsmanship of a mythical blacksmith. A deep red gem sits at the center of the guard, symbolizing the fiery heart of Aurora's power.

Vibrant Colors: Adorned with a striking blue and red contrast on the hilt, this sword catches the eye, making it a prominent piece among your collection. The black wrapped handle provides a comfortable grip, suitable for extended periods of play or display.

Realistic Look: With a metallic silver finish on the blade, the Emberbrand sword has a realistic appearance that will make you feel like a true hero of legend.

Ideal For:

Cosplay Enthusiasts

Fantasy Collectors

Children and Teens

Gaming Souvenir Collectors


Overall Length: Approximately 30 inches

Handle Length: Comfortably designed for a one-handed grip

Bring the magic home and ignite your imagination with Aurora's Emberbrand Foam Sword, where tales of valor and courage begin!

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