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Sparks Of Sindri

Samurai Katana | Foam | 75 cm | Samurai

Samurai Katana | Foam | 75 cm | Samurai

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Honor and adventure await with our Samurai's Foam Katana, a revered addition to our collection of medieval and fantasy weaponry for young warriors. 🏯✨

Material: PU Foam

Size: 75 * 7.5 cm

Weight: 160g

Product Highlights:

  • Swordplay Safely: 🛡️ Fearlessly embark on daring quests and epic duels – this foam katana is designed for safe, yet thrilling play. Let your child's imagination roam freely, just like the legendary samurai. 🌠
  • Martial Excellence: 🌌 Whether they're defending their kingdom, mastering martial arts, or seeking enlightenment, this foam katana is their key to a world of boundless honor and adventure. 🎯🌿

This foam katana harmonizes perfectly with our range of wooden swords, shields, and other imaginative play accessories. Let kids recreate their favorite tales, all while embracing the ancient ways of the samurai. 🏹🌅

Equip your young warrior with the Samurai's Foam Katana and witness them embark on countless epic tales and samurai adventures. ⚔️✨ Order yours today and let the path of honor begin! 🏆🌸

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