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Wakizashi | Foam | 61 cm | Samurai Ninja

Wakizashi | Foam | 61 cm | Samurai Ninja

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Embrace the way of the warrior with this meticulously designed 61 cm foam katana. Crafted for samurai aficionados, this katana merges tradition with play, offering a safe yet authentic replica suitable for display or martial arts practice.

The foam material provides a realistic look without compromising safety, making it ideal for recreating epic samurai battles or for sports enthusiasts looking to spar without risk. Its sleek design and attention to detail will add an elegant touch of Japanese heritage to any room.

This katana captures the spirit of the samurai, bringing to life the characters and tales of bravery from historical lore. Simple care involving regular dusting and keeping it away from extreme heat will preserve its dignified appearance.

As a Samurai collectible and Japanese souvenir, this foam katana stands out, inviting a 5-star satisfaction rating for its craftsmanship and cultural authenticity.

Elevate your collection with this exquisite piece, a symbol of the samurai's storied past.

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