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Detailed Mjölnir Thor’s Hammer | Foam | 46 cm | Thor

Detailed Mjölnir Thor’s Hammer | Foam | 46 cm | Thor

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Channel the might of Asgard with this impressive 46 cm foam replica of Thor's Hammer, Mjölnir, as seen in the Avengers movies. Safe for all ages, this replica is made from high-density foam and features a detailed design that mirrors the mythical hammer of the Norse god Thor. The hammer's head is adorned with Norse engravings, and its sturdy handle is wrapped with a brown, leather-like strap, culminating in a loop for easy carrying or display. Whether you're looking to complete your Thor costume or add an extraordinary piece to your collection, this Mjölnir replica stands out with its remarkable craftsmanship and authenticity. It's perfect for cosplay enthusiasts, Marvel fans, and aspiring heroes everywhere, offering a touch of magic and a sense of true power.

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