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Elf Sword | 96 cm | Foam

Elf Sword | 96 cm | Foam

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Step into the world of Middle-earth with this exquisite foam sword, a homage to the legendary tales of Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". Measuring 96 cm in length, this elegant replica captures the essence of the elven craftsmanship depicted in the epic saga.

The sword's handle gleams with a golden finish, ornately engraved with elvish script that whispers of ancient forests and timeless battles. The blade, crafted from silver foam, boasts intricate designs that mirror the elegance and strength of the fabled weapons of Middle-earth.

Perfect for cosplay, this lightweight yet durable sword invites fans to reenact their favorite scenes with grace and safety. It's also a striking display piece, sure to draw the eye and spark conversation among fellow enthusiasts.

Whether for play, costume, or collection, this sword is a treasure for any fan of "The Lord of the Rings", offering a tangible connection to the heroism and adventure of Tolkien's world.

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