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Sparks Of Sindri

Necromancer Axe | 73 cm | Foam

Necromancer Axe | 73 cm | Foam

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Step into a world of epic fantasy with our Foam Axe, featuring a unique goat ornament design that's perfect for the next generation of warriors. This foam-crafted axe offers a safe yet realistic addition to any costume or playtime arsenal.

The intricate design showcases a majestic goat ornament on the axe head, symbolizing strength and agility. The head and handle are adorned with a metallic look and splatters of red, evoking the thrill of fantasy battles. The golden accents at the pommel and the top add a regal touch, while the lightweight foam construction ensures that the young heroes can carry their trusty axe with ease on all their adventures. Ideal for cosplay, themed events, or as an exciting addition to any collection of science fiction and fantasy playthings, this axe promises to unleash the imagination and bring tales of yore to life.

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