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Round Shield with Boss | Wood | Viking

Round Shield with Boss | Wood | Viking

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Embark on epic adventures with our Viking Warrior Shield! This sturdy wooden shield is designed for young warrior maidens or warriors in training, offering an authentic piece of the Viking spirit for imaginative play and historical learning.

Front: The shield boasts bold colors of valor; a deep black base is crossed by a vibrant red stripe, topped with a gleaming silver umbo that speaks of battles from the Viking age. This is not just any shield; it is an expression of courage and adventure, perfect for themed parties, school projects, or simply a day in the life of a Viking at home.

Back Construction: The reverse side of the shield is equally thoughtfully designed, with a solid wooden handle that allows for easy handling. This functional feature is essential for any young warrior stepping into the realms of imagination or as part of their attire for historical reenactment.

Lightweight yet durable, it is the ideal accessory for play, dress-up, and educational purposes. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the virtues of bravery and honor and is sure to be a treasure for both children and collectors.

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