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Staff of Homa Hu Tao | 100 cm | Foam

Staff of Homa Hu Tao | 100 cm | Foam

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Staff of Homa Spear 100 cm Genshin Impact Unleash the fiery power of Liyue with the Staff of Homa spear, a carefully crafted foam replica from the popular universe of Genshin Impact. Measuring an impressive 100 cm, this iconic copy is forged for heroes at heart, ready to embark on a journey through the fantastic lands of Teyvat.

The design of the spear testifies to the artistry of the Geo nation, displaying a fiery motif of red flames that seem to lick the air with their fiery tentacles. The flame encircles a dark sphere at the center, enclosed in a golden ring, symbolizing the wealth and splendor of Liyue's heritage. The shaft is an elegant black, adorned with golden patterns that speak of the intricate craftsmanship of its design.

The Staff of Homa spear is not just a weapon; it's a signal for adventurers and a testament to the legacy of the Pyro Archon. It is made of high-quality foam, ensuring safety and durability. This makes it ideal for cosplay, where its bearer can brandish it in battle poses without worry, or for display as a standout element in any collection.

Perfect for fans of the Geo Archon or any enthusiast of Genshin Impact, the Staff of Homa spear is a unique keepsake that has captured the essence of adventure and the spirit of the game. It's a treasured artifact that will ignite the imagination of children and adults alike, bringing the thrill of the game to reality.

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