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Trident | Foam | 100 cm | Poseidon

Trident | Foam | 100 cm | Poseidon

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Command the power of the seas with this striking 100 cm replica of Aquaman's Trident, a treasure for any Marvel enthusiast. Designed with a lightweight foam build, it's an ideal choice for both cosplay creativity and as a centerpiece in any Marvel display.

This gleaming golden trident, with its detailed engravings, is a faithful homage to the might of the Atlantean ruler. It's crafted for durability, ready to make a statement in any setting.

To care for this Marvel collectible, simply avoid moisture and wipe with a soft cloth to keep it in regal condition. With a design expected to garner 5-star ratings, it's a standout piece that transcends mere decoration, igniting the imagination with every glance.

Add this emblem of superhero majesty to your collection and let the legend of Aquaman elevate your home's ambiance.

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