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Sparks Of Sindri

Spear with Red String | Wood | Knight Medieval Viking

Spear with Red String | Wood | Knight Medieval Viking

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Forge a path to glory with the Wooden Painted Spear for the Young Warrior, a symbol of courage and adventure for aspiring champions. This meticulously designed spear captures the essence of bravery of ancient warriors, tailored for safe and creative play for young minds. The spearhead, painted a dark color reminiscent of forged iron, stands out against the vibrant wooden shaft, adorned with striking red stripes spiraling downwards.

This spear is not just a toy but a storytelling tool, where each stripe and curve can become part of your child's own legendary tale. The red stripes, in addition to adding visual charm, provide a better grip and a visual cue for hand placement, making it easier for young hands to wield their noble weapon. Crafted with care, this wooden spear is smoothed to perfection, ensuring safe play for all aspiring young warriors.

Product Features:

Size: Ideal for young warriors.

Material: High-quality wood with non-toxic paint.

Design: Dark head and vibrant, red-accented wooden shaft.

Safe for Play: Smooth finish and blunted end.

Grip: Red stripes for visual appeal and better handling.

Embark on a journey of imagination and courage with this Wooden Painted Spear for the Young Warrior, the perfect gift for children who love reenacting epic tales of bygone times.

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