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Wooden Viking Axe | Daneaxe | Long

Wooden Viking Axe | Daneaxe | Long

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Introducing the Wooden Axe of the Young Warrior, a magnificent weapon for a heart filled with courage. Masterfully painted to resemble steel and wooden weapons from legends, this halberd is a safe yet spirited addition to any young warrior's collection. The blade features an imitation aged finish, giving the impression of a tool tempered in battle, while a spiral pattern on the handle adds an elegant touch of realism.

The axe's head is designed with a classic blade on one side and a curved spike on the other, allowing imaginative play in reenacting historical battles or creating new adventures. Wrapped around the head is a strand of cord, providing a realistic texture and better grip for small hands. This is the ideal size for young knights, encouraging active play, historical curiosity, and the art of strategy.

Product Features:

Material: Made of durable, child-safe wood. Design: Painted to mimic metal and wood with a spiral handle. Safe Play: Lightweight and without sharp edges. Grip: Wrapped cord section for an authentic look and feel.

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